Human Values and Professional Ethics

  • C Manoharan Professor, AMET Business School, AMET University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • S Birundha Research scholar, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Change, Teaching, Morals, Human Dignity, Responsibility, Principles


Regardless of what century we live in, despite the fact that the devices we use are changing from forever. Man isn’t an animal who can be considered or comprehended without the idea of qualities. Despite the fact that we have various religions, dialects, races and societies, the character of man is constantly developed through qualities. Qualities are factors that straightforwardly impact human life and society in a positive or negative manner. The examination on morals knows the individuals’ convictions, qualities, and ethics, become familiar with the great and terrible of them and practice them to boost their prosperity and satisfaction. Likewise, morals reveals to us how to live, to react to issues, through the obligations, rights, duties, and commitments. In religion, comparable standards are incorporated, yet the thinking on methods is constrained. The standards and practices of religions have differed every now and then (history), locale (topography, climatic conditions), religion, society, language, station and statement of faith. Be that as it may, morals has developed to an enormous degree past the boundaries recorded previously. In morals, the center is to think about and apply the standards and practices, generally.

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