Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit: An Analysis of Government Programs and their Impact on Entrepreneurship Education in India

  • Adil Ellikkal Research Scholar, Alagappa Institute of Management, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India
  • S Rajamohan Senior Professor and Director, Alagappa Institute of Management, Alagappa University, Karikudi, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Entrepreneurship Education, Economic Development, Start-Ups, Government Programs


This article investigates the role of government programs in fostering entrepreneurship education in India, exploring the different forms that entrepreneurship education can take and the benefits it can provide to individuals and society. With a focus on classroom-based courses, mentorship programs, and startup accelerators, we examine how these initiatives can be used to promote a culture of entrepreneurship in India. We also assess the effectiveness of government programs in supporting the growth of new businesses and encouraging entrepreneurial activity in the country. By providing a comprehensive overview of entrepreneurship education in India, this article aims to shed light on the ways in which government programs can contribute to economic and social development and offer recommendations for how these initiatives can be improved to better support entrepreneurship education in India.

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