Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Problems in India

Keywords: Economic Development, Job Opportunities, Ecological Sustainability


India, being an agrarian nation, relies heavily on agriculture, which contributes approximately 25 percent to its gross domestic product. However, with the growing number of people from rural areas and unemployed graduates migrating to cities in search of employment, the country struggles to generate sufficient job opportunities alongside economic growth. The inadequate infrastructure and amenities in rural areas have further strained the urban infrastructure due to the influx of population. This article aims to explore the prospects of pursuing a career in farming or agribusiness as a potential solution to this issue. Additionally, it highlights the untapped potential of agriculture in empowering local entrepreneurs and improving overall well-being. In this new era, there is a need for a comprehensive and integrated model that encompasses rural employment as the foundation for nurturing local entrepreneurs. The study initially identifies the key factors influencing the economic development of both rural and urban areas. Its objective is to uncover various agricultural pathways and develop a predictive model for agribusiness, thereby fostering sustainable economic growth.

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