Attitude and Perception of teaching and learning process through ICT: A case study of DMI-St. Eugene University, Zambia

  • A Fatima Mary Research Scholar, Department of Management Studies, St. Joseph University, Dimapur, Nagaland, India
  • K Sethupathy Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, St. Joseph University, Dimapur, Nagaland, India
Keywords: Affiliated, Application, Efficacy, Enhance, Implementation, Methodology, Modernity, Stratified


This study aims to discuss the efficacy of teaching and learning process through Information and Communication Technology, taken to practice.Teachers always play an essential role of creating a successful environment for the implementation of digital media teaching at the educational institutions. In fact, the efficacy of such a teaching methodology is of prime importance in this modernity. The specialization of the paper is to bring an awareness on the prospects of a viable virtual platform that can be taken to practice as a modern means of teaching to the audience. None the less, in terms to the educational system existing in Zambia, this is the foremost practical teaching method introduced by DMI to sustain enhanced learning possibilities to students from all corners of the nation of Zambia. The efforts being taken to enhance teaching and thereby learning of students is by the successful implementation of a digital media at the DMI-St. Eugene University. Precisely, to be authentic to the expression of this study, the university has well-equipped digital tools to make learning and teaching an easy access.The size of the sample consists of 42 teaching staff of the affiliated college of the DMI-St Eugene University. For collecting the data, the researcher used stratified random sampling and survey method along with Questionnaires and interview method. The findings of the study determine the fact that the staffs have adequate knowledge of digital media and they are equipped with the required tools for teaching. The variables taken are conducive to the concept of application in respect to ICT related practices in the institution.

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