Being Fair to Customers: A Strategy in Enhancing Customer Engagement and Loyalty in the Bangladeshi Mobile Telecommunication Industry

  • Md. Kawsar Department of Management, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Farhana Foysal Satata Department of Management, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Md. Ali EL Wahid Department of Management, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Keywords: Mobile Telecommunications Industry, Customer Engagement, Customer Loyalty, Service Fairness, Trust, Bangladesh


The mobile telecommunications sector in Bangladesh is extremely competitive, necessitating a sophisticated comprehension of the complex interplay among fairness, trust, engagement, and loyalty. This study examines the trends in this industry using a quantitative methodology and 150 participants. The study focuses on how consumer behaviour, loyalty, and the chance of switching service providers are affected by perceived fairness. It also explores representations of demographics, length of customer relationships, and differing opinions on cost, remuneration, and dispute resolution processes. The results underscore the tactical benefit of equitable treatment in shaping consumer behaviour, allegiance, and contentment. The study underscores the significance of suppliers customising their approaches to appeal to a wide range of demographic groups, addressing issues regarding equity, and enlisting happy customers as brand ambassadors. It also highlights the industry’s ongoing requirement for evaluation and flexible loyalty-building tactics in a market that is changing quickly. In the face of fierce competition, the study offers mobile service providers in Bangladesh useful information on how to cultivate long-lasting relationships with their customers. It is understood that there are restrictions on extrapolating results to other industries, that the sample procedure may induce biases, and that qualitative insights are necessary. Prospective investigations into certain fairness features, cross-industry comparisons, qualitative approaches, and longitudinal studies are some ideas for future research. When taken as a whole, these channels have the ability to further our comprehension of the dynamics of justice, trust, engagement, and loyalty while cultivating customised approaches for long-term client relationships in the mobile telecom industry.

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