A Study on the Impact of Demographic Factors on the Stress Level of Management Students

  • R R Rajeshwari Assistant Professor, Department of MBA, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Demographic Factors, Academic Stress, Restlessness, Discomfort, Anxiety, Social Stress, Physical Stress


Stress is a fact in our daily life. When a person is stressed, it means the person feels physically and emotionally stress. Over a century, the nature of working of the corporate has been changed widely, simultaneously students are also facing new challenges in all fields. Today’s Management students are the future managers. But course failing due to failure to cope up with stress causing insecure about their professional future are the serious problems. Stress causes physical, mental and behavioral problems. A student under stress is unable to pay attention to their work; therefore, Stress is harmful it reduces efficiency and effectiveness of students. So the students should pay special attention to manage stress effectively. There is variety of strategies to manage the stress. This study focuses on to explore the role of demographic factors on the stress level of management students.

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