A Comparative Study on A Jest of God and April Rain Tree

  • S Udhayakumar Assistant Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literature, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Canadian Literature, Feminism, Self-Empowerment, Racism


Canadian Literature encompasses a large number of literary contexts because of the country’s unique multicultural tradition. Although Canadian writers have multiple choices to focus on, the prominent writers choose the most sensitive issues and try to give a solution to it. The most sensitive issues are nothing but the cultural conflicts, survival pursuit, liberation, colonialism, racism, poverty, id entity crisis, inequality, women suppression, etc. Hence, the most works of Canadian writings articulate on the above mentioned issues directly or indirectly that favors a chance for comparatists to trace similar and dissimilar context among Canadian literatures. Hence a proper comparative study will facilitate scholars to device a comprehensive method to approach  various Canadian texts. Thus the present paper compares and analyzes two different texts April Raintree and A Jest of Godby two Canadian authors namely Beatrice Mosionier and Margret Lawrence respectively. The study attempts in bringing out feminism present in both the works. Moreover, the paper studies both the protagonists’ act of survival amidst the domination, loss, power struggle, social pressure etc.in spite of racial discrimination and Colonialism.

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