Credibility of Teachers - The Decisive Aspect in Building the Credibility of the Institution

  • P Padmini Associate Professor of English, Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India & Planning Board Member, Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: credibility, expertise, trustworthiness: attitude, skills, quality upgradation


The constructed credibility of an institution is primarily dependent upon how the institution is perceived by others. Knowledge and expertise of subject matter, honesty of intent, and concern for others all play into the credibility of an educational institution. There are different criteria generally used by the community to consider an institution a credible one. Credibility in education includes a wide range of issues like the credibility of the teacher, credibility of instructional resources, the credibility of information, and the credibility of research material.

Of all these, the most crucial one is the credibility of the teacher. It is important for a credible institution to have dedicated and qualified teachers. Of course in all the institutions they follow certain prescribed norms for appointing teachers and naturally only qualified teachers are employed. However it is important to probe a little deeper and ask ourselves whether we need qualified teachers or credible teachers. a teacher is always considered the best source of knowledge. In such a situation the credibility of the teacher becomes more important.

A credible teacher is expert and trustworthy person who shapes his pupils. This paper aims to identify and analyse the different factors that would enable the credibility of a teacher and how this credibility of the teacher becomes the decesive aspect in building the credibility of the institution.

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