A Review on COVID19: Evolution, Structure of Corona Virus and Comparison of COVID19 with Common FLU

  • Mahendra B V Department of Zoology, Government College For Women (Autonomous) Mandya, Karnataka, India
  • Kavitha R S Department of Zoology, Teresian Degree College Mysore, Mysuru, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Corona Virus, Glycoprotein, Dyspnea, Mylagia, Hydrtoxychloroquine


Covid-19 is a pandemic disease that threatened the World both socially and economically. The virus originated from Wuhan – China in December 2019. Globally 18,354,342 cases were reported and total mortality cases are 6,96,147 till Aug 5 2020. The spreading of Novel Covid19 is faster than MARS and SARS Virus. The symptoms are very similar to the common cold or flu such as running nose sneezing, sore throat are the common symptoms and difficulty in breathing, severe muscle ache, dry cough GIT irregularity were the serious symptoms. The infection may leads to pneumonia, Acute Respiratory disorder (ARD) Syndrome. The incubation period varies from 7- 14 days. The transmission occurs through physical contact with infected person, infected droplets and contaminated objects. Laboratory test includes CT scan, Nasal Oral pharyngeal swab tests, RT PCR were employed for diagnosis. The disease at the end of August showed increasing mortality rate. Maintaining Physical distance is the only measure to overcome the infection.

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