Euphoria and Woes of On-Line Learning Experiences from Pandemic: A Sociological Analysis

Keywords: On-line Education, COVID-19, Virtual Learning, Pedagogy


Covid-19 and its consequent lockdown have had far-reaching impacts in the country like India, which has a heterogeneous population. The hands of such a pandemic touched all walks of life and the field. Education is one such field that is being witnessed drastic changes in its modus operandi. We believe that education is the potential wherewithal for change and development.The conventional form, brick and mortar, of teaching in schools and colleges have received a severe blow owing to the breakout of covid-19. The Clamping of lockdown in the year 2020, forced educational institutions worldwide to shift classes on-lineand incorporate digital learning and assessment techniques into the curriculum. The covid-19 imposed lockdown gives a new fillip to on-lineeducation or virtual learning or e-learning. This paper describes the woes and euphoria of on-lineeducation in the Indian context.

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