Comparative Analysis of Advertisement Strategies used by Coca-Cola and Pepsi: A Literature Review Study

  • S Anukeerthi School of Business Management, Christ University, Bangalore
  • S Baranidharan Assistant Professor, School of Business Management, Christ University, Bangalore


This research conducts an extensive literature assessment of the advertising methods of prominent soft drink brands Coca-Cola and Pepsi in the fiercely competitive beverage market. Utilizing several years of empirical investigations, this study delves into the efficacy, implications, and subtleties of advertising campaigns concerning customer perceptions, brand value, market worth, and sales outcomes. Analysis is done on several advertising strategy components, such as product launches, trademark advertising, celebrity endorsements, and international marketing techniques. This study sheds light on the critical elements influencing brand choice, purchasing intentions, and market dynamics by elucidating the complicated relationship between advertising and consumer behaviors through a systematic synthesis of findings. The Theory of Advertising Effectiveness conceptual framework, which supports analyzing how advertising messages connect with consumers and affect their decision-making processes, is fundamental to this investigation. To achieve sustained brand success in the ever-changing soft drink market, marketers, researchers, and industry stakeholders can benefit from this study’s actionable insights, which can aid in strategic decision-making and create more effective advertising campaigns.

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