Working of Puffed Rice Units

Keywords: Puffed Rice, Small Scale Industries, Mandakki, Socio-Economic


Industrialization is a progressive measure that creates social and economic change by transforming human society from pre-industrialization to industrial era; Industrialization plays a predominant role in the development of the economy, acts as a basic fundamental factor that is influenced by the growth prospects of the economy of a country. The prominence of industrialization creates employment opportunities, balancing the regional development living and poverty eradication, etc. In this context, the unorganized sector acts as a factory for entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities as well as a tool for poverty eradication. So the present study attempts to analyze the working of puffed rice units in the Davangere region. These industries are providing various employment opportunities to the poor and illiterate people. Because these are labor-intensive industries. The present study is based on the puffed rice workers and their working conditions and environment. In malebennur town there are more than 50 puffed rice industries are working. In the study area, people depend on the making of puffed rice for their livelihood. The main purpose of the study is to know about the current status, growth, and development of the puffed rice units and also discuss the government initiative in the development of an unorganized puffed rice cluster in Davangere. The study is based on primary data with field survey and secondary data, which includes different reference books, journals, research papers, seminar proceedings, articles, and government publications, annual reports, etc.

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