Income and Expenditure Pattern of Vegetable Vendors

Keywords: Street, Vegetable, Vendors, Income and Expenditure


Street vegetable vendors are an integral part of the urban economic development in many countries. In this street, vegetable vendors are selling the vegetables in the truck/cart or streets and public places. The street vegetable vendors earn money for their family members and their children a better education. And more of the street vegetable vendors are Illiterates and do not aware of hygienic environments. Street vegetable vendors took money from some financial institution or loans from relatives or friends or some co-operative societies. And some of the street vegetable vendors are the reason for choosing this business like unemployment or family business or not qualified. In this informal sector should be help full to a low-income family, and their living condition has changed because of this business. Some of the street vendors do not have any other occupation, And Summer or rainy season, the sales should be imbalance. It should be affected on their income also. Some of the street vendors have some problems like place related problems or financial related. And their monthly income is low, and expenses should be high; it should be affected by their lifestyle. Street vendors are saving money from L I C, Chit Fund, Fixed deposit. Some of the street vendors are living in the rented house, paid the amount to Children education or gas bill or cable bill or electricity bill etc..Now a day’s women also doing the business in the informal sector, the women’s are making the decision independently or ability to do this business, it should women going to forward, they earn money for their children better education purpose or households, livelihoods, etc.

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