Telecommuting: An Empirical Study on Job Performance, Job Satisfaction and Employees Commitment during Pandemic Circumstances

  • K.M. Abilash Lecturer, Department of Business & Accounting, Muscat College, Muscat, Oman
  • Nitha Mary Siju Lecturer, Department of Business & Accounting, Muscat College, Muscat, Oman
Keywords: Telecommuting, Job satisfaction, Pandemic, Job Autonomy, Job performance


Telecommuting can assist various organizations in complying with any ordinance during pandemic situations. This study investigates the link of adopting telecommuting in the organization during the crucial situation and how it enables the employee to perform, satisfy, committed to working with full effectiveness. Additionally, this research elicits other factors such as employee engagement and how it bolsters the job autonomy of individuals to control or shape professional dynamics connected with responsibility and the environment. The researcher has employed descriptive statistics, coefficient of correlation and one sample t-test method to analyze data, and the result indicated which shows a good relationship between employee commitment and job satisfaction during the adoption of telecommuting method in an organization. Also observed from the study, telecommuting can abreast routine work and official meetings during the current situations. It is also recommended that employees should ensure the work environment properly before adopt with telecommuting method.

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