A Study on the Preference of Students towards Digital Reading Materials with Reference to Dindigul District

  • R Durai Director, GTN Arts & Science College, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India
  • M Sivakumar Professor, Dept. of Entrepreneurship studies, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India
  • A Sabarirajan Professor, Department of Management Studies, PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Students preference, Digital contents, Learning effectiveness, Reading materials


Innovation has become an irreplaceable marvel in contemporary time which has its effect on all social statuses and training isn’t an exemption to this. The educated understudies of today have effortlessly received the electronic course books as a substitution of printed reading material attributable to its usability, cost viability, and availability. Fluctuated sees on the understudies’ inclination of the predefined arrangement of reading material have laid the stage for more formal and centered exploration interests these days universally. Thusly, an exploration to separate the focal points and impediments of both the organizations and the reasons that are essential to decide on the one over the other at a provincial level is a lot of the need of great importance. The investigation planned to discover the premium and inclination that won in the brains of students of different collages in Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu regarding the embracing of electronic course readings over the printed course books as this sort of study has been completed a lot of restricted in this locale. The examination embraced a quantitative exploration plan and the poll as an examination instrument to gather the information. The outcome attests that a greater part of the understudies knows about both the configurations of reading material and are more open to utilizing electronic course books and have communicated their readiness to move from printed course readings to electronic course readings. By the by, the discoveries clarify that the understudies choose electronic course readings relying on the nature and difficulty of the subject.

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