Spiritual Gurus’ Influence on the Customer Purchase Intention of FMCG Products Endorsed by Them

  • N Narendra MBA Department, PES University Suman
  • P Suman MBA Department, PES University Indira
  • S. K Indira MBA Department, PES University
  • Brijesh Singh Associate Professor, MBA Department, PES University
  • Jessy Nair Associate Professor, MBA Department, PES University
Keywords: Spirituality, Perception, Consumer Purchase Intention, FMCG Products


In recent times people have started focusing more on healthy and purposeful lifestyle. People have started yoga and meditation and started following spiritual gurus. Many people are looking for a spiritually transforming experience that influences many facets of their consumer behavior. This has given rise to establishment of brands such as Patanjali, Sri Sri Tattva and Isha as there is a lot of affinity by the people towards spirituality and they find a sense of credibility in the products endorsed by spiritual gurus. Spiritual gurus are the new face to the FMCG sector the sale of their products and services are increasing with a rapid pace in India. The product sold by these gurus are so popular that they are giving tough competition to giant MNCs and domestic companies that have been deep-rooted in India for several decades. In this paper, we are trying to analyse the influence of spiritual gurus on the FMCG products endorsed by them on the customer purchase intention. The purpose of this study is to find out the factors that influence the customer purchase intention and to analyse the significance of these factors on customer purchase intention.
Data is collected through primary and secondary methods. The research paper attempts to weave through the maze of literature available about the factors influencing the customer purchase intention regarding FMCG products endorsed by spiritual gurus as a part of secondary method of data collection. Primary method was carried out by conducting a survey with the people of all age groups who have either used the products endorsed by spiritual gurus or have an intent to use them in future; they were asked to fill a form which had set of questionnaires. Multiple regression analysis is conducted and the major predictors which greatly influences customer purchase intention are; affordability, purity, personality of the spiritual leader, durability and advertisement. Marketers can use these variables to accurately market the products for the target customers through spiritualism as a context to improve upon their products.

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