Biggest Compensation Strategy Challenges for HR Leaders: A Study

  • Vijay Vishwakarma Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Bunts Sangha’s SM Shetty College of Science Commerce and Management Studies, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Keywords: Biggest Compensation Strategy, Human Resource Management, HR Leaders, Challenges of Compensation Strategy


Introduction: Effective compensation strategies are playing a significant role as it helps to outline the effective approaches of business toward pay and advantages for the employees of the organizations.
Literature Review: There are different elements in the compensation strategy which include the position of the business in the market, cash flow rates, rules and regulations of the business organization, salary base principles, and benefits of employees.
Methodology: Therefore to obtain informational key data about the challenges of the biggest compensation strategies in the business organization for HR leaders 55 surveys have been collected.
Findings: It can be observed that the significance value is 0.000 which is lower than 0.05 hence it can be conclude that this hypothesis is correlated.
Conclusion and Recommendation: Thus, the study presents a proper underlying concept, impacts, and challenges associated with the biggest compensation strategy for HR leaders.

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