A Study to Find the Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Employee Motivation in the Organization

  • Priyanka Gautam PGDM Student, International School of Management Excellence
  • Dr Raja Sankaran Professor, International School of Management Excellence
Keywords: Employee Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Reward, Recognition, Performance Appraisals, Job Satisfaction, Employee Exhaustion, Organizational Commitment


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to examine the impact of emotional intelligence on employee motivation in the organization and to find the relationship between six factors namely, Organizational commitment, Reward, Recognition, Performance Appraisal, Job Satisfaction, and Emotional Exhaustion.
Methodology/Approach: An online survey was conducted to collect the data from 57 employees, who are currently working in various IT Companies. The conceptual model was tested, and the findings were validated and statistically analyzed using SmartPLS.
Findings: The factor Emotional Exhaustion was found to be significant on Organizational Commitment, whereas Reward, Recognition, Performance Appraisal, and Job Satisfaction were found to be not significant on Organizational Commitment.
Implications: Employers can use this study to find out which factor is affecting the motivation level of employees in the organization.

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