Impact of COVID 19 in Responsible Tourism Activities of Kerala with Special Reference to Wayanad District

  • Dr. K. Selvam Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management, Annai Fathima College of Arts & Science, Thirumangalam, Madurai
Keywords: Tourism, Responsible Tourism, COVID 19, Environment Effect, Economy


Responsible tourism is a good deal needed hobby that attaches some form of responsibility on humanity to hold nature. The examines focuses on reading the impact of COVID19 in responsible tourism sports activities of Kerala with a unique connection with Wayanad District. The number one intention of the have a look at is to find out each environment and financial impact of COVID19 in Responsible tourism. The researcher has gathered each number one and secondary information for the have a observe. The primary facts are collected thru an established questionnaire stuffed up with the resource of the eighty respondents. The secondary facts are gathered from numerous journals, web websites, and magazines. The studies have used tools like percentage analyses and ranking methods for the observation. From the take a look at, the researcher concludes that COVID 19 has a big impact on each surrounding and economic element. It is observed that COVID 19 has fantastic surroundings impact which includes reduced pollutants, water in falls and dams have ended up purified, cleanliness is witnessed, normal environmental development and nature will become greater stunning. And COVID 19 has a horrible monetary effect which incorporates disintegration of the tourism company, lower income, upward push in unemployment, reduced earnings to the government, and strain on supply chains.

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