A Pharmaceutical Sector Study on Beta-Listed Companies in the NSE

  • A Vinayagamoorthi Teaching and Research Associate, Dept. of Management Studies, JJ College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy
Keywords: NSE, Pharmaceutical Sector, Market Volatility, Pharma Index, Co-variance, Beta


The beta coefficient for securities listed on the NSE to gauge the expected returns. Due to a growing inclination towards saving and the need for extra earnings, investors are increasingly opting for securities as an investment vehicle. Notwithstanding this interest, the inherent unpredictability in the stock market presents a substantial obstacle for prospective investors. An obstacle that investors often encounter is their limited understanding of how to build a successful investing portfolio. The beta coefficient, a fundamental measure in this research, is used to quantify the volatility of stocks, offering valuable information about the corresponding amount of risk. The beta values are estimated by collecting data from the Nifty Pharma index over a period of six years, namely from 2017 to 2022. The objective of this research is to assess and prioritise securities by analysing their beta values within the chosen time period.

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