Social Influence Strategies: Unveiling the Dynamics of Influencer Marketing in Modern Communication

  • M Sri Ram Kailash Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology Vadapalani Campus
Keywords: Social Media, Internet, Communication, Influencers


The study aims to elucidate the underlying mechanisms of influencer marketing by examining the tactics used by influencers to foster authentic connections with their audience and, as a result, influence consumer choices. The study provides a detailed analysis of the strategies used by influencers, such as content curating and strategic brand partnerships, to effectively incorporate marketing into their content. The research primarily examines the merging of authentic identity and persuasive impact in influencer marketing. In contrast to traditional advertising, influencer marketing flourishes by leveraging the perceived genuineness of influencers and the relatability of their content. The study aims to clarify how influencers effectively manage the delicate equilibrium between authentic self-expression and intentional business promotion. It aims to elucidate the strategies they use to develop trust and connection with their audience, thereby amplifying their persuasive impact. The report also examines influencer marketing in great detail, predicting its future development in the field of marketing communication. The study seeks to provide significant insights into the evolving dynamics of consumer-brand relationships in a social media and influencer-driven age by examining the intricate connections among influencers, corporations, and consumers. This research enhances our comprehensive comprehension of influencer marketing’s impact on the direction of contemporary marketing communication by unravelling its intricacies and predicting future trends.

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