Navigating Digital Frontiers: The Impact and Influence of Social Media in Modern Marketing

  • G Udhayalakshmi Assistant Professor, J J College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy
Keywords: Digital Marketing, On-line business, Media, Employee Engagement, Business Models


This study focuses on the profound impact of social media on digital marketing and customer behaviour. Social media has evolved significantly over time, transitioning from platforms such as Usenet to the current domination of TikTok and Instagram. It has now become essential for organisations aiming to have a strong online presence. Businesses have adjusted their marketing tactics to take use of social media’s dynamic characteristics, since they understand the potential for direct contact with customers. This research emphasises the current significance of understanding social media platforms as crucial tools for developing meaningful interactions with target audiences. The research aims include investigating the historical development, examining marketing tactics, and evaluating their influence on customer behaviour. An all-encompassing technique, which combines qualitative and quantitative methods, guarantees a detailed comprehension via the examination of literature, analysis of case studies, and interviews with experts.

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