New Education Policy and its Impact on Higher Education in India

  • K Archunan Professor, Department of Commerce, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Nagarathinam Angalammal Arts & Science College, Madurai
Keywords: New Education Policy, Quality of Education, Trained Professional


The education system plays a major role in the development of a country.
The backbone of developed countries is behind in quality of education, especially at the higher education level. The higher education system is a gateway to the development of a country. A weaker education system leads to creating less development in all aspects of the economic growth of a nation. At the same time, in or to apply, quality education will be provided by quality, qualified and innovative teachers only. The teachers should be competent, qualified and trained professionals to achieve the goal of the New Education Policy. The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP) announced by Sri. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India and it approved by the Union Council of Ministers. The New Education Policy will be applicable throughout India by 2021. The New Education Policy focuses on providing quality, creative thinking, and productive, practically viable educational service to the young minds of India.

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