Role of Startups in Entrepreneurship Development (Agri Based Sector)

  • J Veni Assistant Professor, J J College of Eng. and Technology, Trichy
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Growth, Business, Innovations, Development, Ideas, Economy, Management


An entrepreneurial mentality drives a thriving economy. Entrepreneurship improves quality of life, access to goods and services, and economic progress. Many company entrepreneurs improve their life and those of others by fighting poverty or creating eco-friendly products. Entrepreneurship is thought to boost economic growth by fostering innovation, market expansion, change, and wealth creation. Entrepreneurs are essential for inventing new products, ideas, and solutions. Innovative supply chain management, precision farming, and market connection solutions are coming from agritech firms. These changes may boost farmers’ income, expenditure, and productivity. Company expansion and riches boost tiny towns and hamlets.
The cycle continues endlessly because growth and money inspire additional businesses, which boost growth and money. Startups help people support their families by providing jobs. Startups alleviate unemployment by creating new jobs. Jobs like this, which take a lot of education and expertise yet pay well, build the middle class. Technology and economic growth are rising.

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