Navigating the Digital Landscape: Impact, Significance, and Challenges of Digital Marketing in Contemporary Business Growth

  • J Ramya Associate Professor & HOD, Bachelor of Business Administration, Faculty of Management, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Vadapalani Campus
Keywords: Social Media, Digital, Internet Users, Online Shopping


The quick transition of marketing to the digital domain has been revolutionary, with the internet playing a crucial part in this fundamental change. The objective of this research is to evaluate the many effects of digital marketing on firms, specifically its contribution to promoting expansion and the worldwide economy. The study will examine the importance of digitalization in both developed and developing countries, investigating its impact on the market environment. Furthermore, the research will thoroughly examine the difficulties and advantages linked to the use of digital marketing tactics, considering the constantly evolving technical environment and the issues related to safeguarding data privacy. This study endeavours to provide a thorough examination of the function of digital marketing in modern corporate strategies, elucidating its potential advantages and the obstacles that must be overcome.

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