Strategies for Enhancing Employee Retention in Multinational Organizations: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

  • D Vijayalakshmi Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Vadapalani Campus
Keywords: Employee Retention, Development Opportunities


Employee retention is a significant issue in modern human resource management, especially in the ever-changing environment of multinational organisations that arose in the late 1990s. The intricacy of efficiently overseeing abilities in an international setting exceeds the difficulties encountered in local corporate contexts. Retention, a crucial aspect of human resources management, pertains to an organization’s capacity to keep its employees in the face of dynamic and fiercely competitive circumstances. The significant efforts made by organisations in recruitment and training highlight the strategic relevance of staff retention, as it is expected to provide lucrative outcomes and enhance overall efficiency. The study aims to specifically examine two crucial factors: the influence of growth opportunities on employee retention and the significance of leadership in establishing conducive work conditions for retention..The study technique used guarantees a meticulous and thorough investigation of the selected subjects, enhancing the comprehension of the aspects that impact employee retention in the modern corporate environment.

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