Challenges to India’s Defense Modernization and Moving Forward

Keywords: Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAC), Comparative Advantage, Dual-use Technology, Atmanirbhar Bharata, India’s National Interest


India is today confronted with tremendous obstacles as it strives to improve its international reputation. India’s strategic location increases the prospect of future challenges (most notably a nuclear threat) with its neighboring country. India’s strategic location and recent geopolitical dynamics in South Asia by China’s Belt and Road Initiative necessitates India’s Defence Modernization to cater to India’s National Security facing threats from traditional and non-traditional actors. This study highlights how India’s self-reliance in dual-use technology production would give a comparative advantage for India’s mandate to achieve modernization of India’s Defence Technology. This study discusses the push, pull, and compelling factors for the Defence Modernization where the latter would draw significant inference from Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage Theory. This study would conclude by arguing that India needs to diversify its weapon and ammunition, which requires considerable policy correction in Defence Acquisition and Procurement Policy to boost indigenous defence weapon production.

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