A Study on Buyer’s Behaviour Towards Next Gen Home Products with Special Reference to Erode District

  • V Kanimozhi Ph. D., Research Scholar in Commerce PG and Research Department of Commerce Vellalar College for Women (Autonomous), Erode, Tamil Nadu, India https://orcid.org/0009-0009-8392-3081
  • K Gunasundari Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Commerce, Vellalar College for Women (Autonomous), Erode, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Buyer Behavior, Next Gen Home Products, Erode District, Consumer Awareness, Purchase Decisions


This study delves into the intricacies of buyer behavior concerning Next Gen Home Products in Erode District, India, with the aim of assessing consumer awareness and understanding of these innovative products and identifying key factors influencing purchase decisions. Employing a descriptive research design, the study utilized a sample size of 119 respondents from diverse occupational backgrounds through stratified random sampling. Statistical tools such as frequency analysis, descriptive statistics, ANOVA analysis, and correlation analysis were employed for data analysis. The findings of the study reveal that consumer awareness of Next Gen Home Products is highest for factors such as ‘Comprehension of Home Systems Controlled Remotely’ and ‘Familiarity with Automated Environmental Control Systems,’ while ‘Familiarity with Intelligent Home Technology’ ranks lowest. Factors significantly influencing buyer decisions include ‘Endorsements from Personal Contacts’ and ‘Influence of Online Consumer Feedback,’ followed by ‘Product Design and Visual Appeal’ and ‘Customer Support Quality.’ Notably, a positive correlation exists between consumer awareness and purchasing factors. Age, educational qualification, occupation, and gender were also found to influence consumer behavior. Based on these findings, several suggestions are proposed, including educational initiatives to enhance consumer awareness, leveraging personal contacts and online feedback, focusing on product design, improving customer support quality, emphasizing long-term savings benefits, and effectively communicating cost-effectiveness. In conclusion, this study provides valuable insights for businesses and policymakers in Erode District to align their strategies with consumer preferences in the Next Gen Home Products market. By implementing these suggestions, companies can improve their market performance and enhance the adoption of innovative home solutions in the region.

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