Misadventure Regains Human Qualities for Survival is Emphasised in the Birthday Boys by Beryl Bainbridge

  • A Vasanthi Assistant Professor, KG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
  • N Poonkodi Shrri Assistant Professor, Government Arts College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Antarctic, expeditions, fortune, historical, voyage


This paper is an analysis of human endeavours at times leads to their failures. Their efforts and trails to become successful is noteworthy. The novel The Birthday boys is a novel of perseverance. Here the author Beryl Bainbridge fictionalized the historical incidents of Antarctic Expedition in 1912. There were probably many such expeditions to the pole than what is popularly mentioned in the historical records. All expeditions to the pole during this era were predestined. The early expeditions were human centred, they even trusted in their fortune. Modern technology has altered the possibility of survival at the Polar Regions though it is incredibly difficult. The title The Birthday boys refersRobert Falcon Scott and his four companions. Each one narrates their experiences and confronts as a section of the book. This novel was a sad tale about an unfortunate voyage. Captain Scott's heartbreaking trek becomes an unforgettable historical event in this remarkable novel. Till the end ofthe novel, the crew members’ hope and determination is unbelievable that touches the readers strongly. Even in the hard periods their mutual recognition and motivation help them to drag each others. Sturdy characters, reasonable situations and a well researched unreal account of a real event with an exploration of the psychological effects the doomed crew of Scott’s expedition experienced on their final journey to the top of the world.

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