Impact of Work from Home on Employee Satisfaction during COVID-19: An Empirical Study on Bangladesh

Keywords: Work from Home (WFH), Employee’s satisfaction, Flexibility, Autonomy, Data security, Work-life balance


Working from home has become a young practice in recent times to restrict social warmth during the COVID-19 pandemic epoch. However, this study aims to assess the impact of working from home on employee satisfaction within the organisations of Bangladesh. Additionally, the purpose is to address the variable’s effects (flexibility, perceived autonomy & work-family balance, etc.) on the relationship between work from home and job satisfaction. As a result, this study focuses light on current insight into employees’ attitudes toward work from home along with its outcomes. A total of 68 employees participated in the study, which was based on an online survey, and findings are mainly attained through primary data. The study shows a positive connection between WFH and the satisfaction of employees. It will be beneficial for the HR department of the organisations, policymakers, and academicians to take the decision regarding a new type of work plan.

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