Quests and Tortures of A Storyteller in the Fictional World: A Critical Study of Saravanan Chandran’s Novels

புனைவுலகில் விரிந்திடும் கதை சொல்லியின் தேடல்களும் வதைகளும்: சரவணன் சந்திரனின் நாவல்களை முன்வைத்து

Keywords: Tamil Novel, Criticism, Saravanan Chandran, Globalization, Consumer Culture, Marketization, Psychology Problem, ainthu Muthalaikalinkathai, Rolex Watch, Ajwa, Barbie, Subitsa Murugan, Lagudu


In modern life, many people have lost sight of the facts and are unaware of it.The copy in the middle of the copy is genuine, with more originality than the original.This is the era of copies. There is no possibility of anyone being the original self orientedman. When history is constructed by power, human beings are transformed into mere bodies.Modern storytelling in Tamil has taken on a new dimension. Moving away from traditional storytelling, stories that are contrary to the norms that have been constructed so far have gained prominence.Novels like The Story of Five Crocodiles (2015), Rolex Watch (2016), Ajwa (2016), Barbie (2017), Subitsa Murugan (2018), Lakudu (2019) written by Saravanan Chandran highlight the problems and pitfalls faced by the younger generation. They have, in a sense, expanded into inquiries into current society; They are full of stories depicting the lives of contemporary Tamil youth. Saravanan’s novels are full of likes and dislikes. The same person emerges with different identities in all the novels. The world of young people who seek to identify themselves as rebellious and adventurous in their individuality, the question arises as to why there are new stories being created over and over again. Saravanan Chandran’s novels are unique in that they highlight the human existence oscillating between various rules and political crises.

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