Taninayagam Adigal: A Tamil Scholar Who Initiated Tamilolgy

தனிநாயகம் அடிகள்: தமிழாய்வுக்கு வித்திட்ட தமிழறிஞர்

Keywords: Tamilology, Taninayagam Adigal, Comparative Studies, Tamil Culture, Sanga Literature, Oore Ulagam, Tamizh thuthu Tamil Research


Thaninayagam Adikalar expanded the study which was confined within the field of Tamil literature as literature and grammar into a new field called ‘Tamilology’. Adigalar’s work is unique in that he has connected the study of Tamil literature with various fields such as culture, comparative literature, linguistics, education, theology, geography, linguistics, philosophy, folklore, fine arts etc. He had the opportunity to read the works of world literature in the original languages and thus, he had the ability to compare and analyze the works of Tamil literature. His basic line of research is to delve deeper into the literary excellence of ancient Tamil and the historical significance of Tamil in a comparative context. He added new dimensions to Tamil studies with historical sources and facts. A historical perspective and a comparative approach form the foundation of Adigalar’s research.

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