The Enviorment in the Perumpannaraupattai

பெரும்பாணாற்றுப்படையில் சுற்றுச்சுழல்

Keywords: Sangam Literature, Patthu paattu, Perumpaanaaruppadai, kadiyalur uththiragannar, Panar Tradition, Ecology


During the Sangam age Tamil language connects people with land and community. The Sangam poems greatly helped to adapt the boundless expanse of land through the memories of the mind into five types of landscapes such as Kurinji etc., As ethnic life disintegrated and a new kind of politics emerged, the way of life of the people
changed. In the life of the Sangam period, the ancient artists Panars migrated from place to place. They are good at music, singing, magic, divination, medicine and so on. When one of the Panars returns with a gift from Cholan Ilanthirai, the ruler is located to tell the poor man who is in a state of poverty. Kadiyalur Uruthirankannanar, the poet who sang the praises of the fame and power of Thiraiyan who ruled the country, is recorded as the landscape in detail. The description of the way to see the ruler was recorded the environment. The cross and sectional view of the environment that prevailed during the Sangam period is narrated in the long poem, which was narrated by Puluvar Uruthirankannan. Panan highlighted the heroism and generosity of ruler Thirayan

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