Re- Reading of Bhartiyar’s Education Thoughts

மறுவாசிப்பில் பாரதியாரின் கல்வியியல் சிந்தனைகள்

Keywords: Tamil Modern poetry, Bharathiyar poems, Criticism of poetry, Education, Sociolgical research


Bharathiyar’s thoughts on education are progressive in the educational environment that prevailed in Tamil Nadu centuries ago. They emphasized the social presence of the Tamils of the day and the need for social change. Through education, Bharathiar aimed to “teach that helping the poor, uplifting the lower castes, etc., enhanced the social and social duties”. Among the creators of songs and essays detailing the need for education in the early twentieth century, there is no one to compare with him. Bharathiyar, in his poems and essays, has emphatically recorded his views on education. In particular, Bharathiar describes the preferences and expectations about education in two articles, National Education-1 and National Education-2. Those essays explain the basis of Bhartiyar’s academic thoughts.

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