P. Singaram: Tamil’s First Diaspora Novelist

ப. சிங்காரம்: தமிழின் முதல் புலம்பெயர் நாவலாசிரியர்

Keywords: Tamil Novel Criticism, Tamil Diaspora Novels, P. Singaram, Kadalukkuappaal, Puyalileoru Dhoni, First Diaspora Novelist in Tamil


Immigration is the basis for redefining the homeland. Nostalgia for the homeland, inherent in everyone, creates a state of comparison in the diaspora. In contrast to the native country, and the country of refuge. The detection of cultural differences continues. The experiences that immigrants record in their memories are shaped as Creative works. Initially the stories of the expatriate Tamils recorded as folk songs. And then formed into stories. Substantial numbers of Tamils migrated to the South East, but no novels were writtenin the early period. Both novels Kadalukkuappaal (1959) and Puyalileoru Dhoni (1972) were written by novelist P. Singaram record the lives of immigrants. The novel Kadalukkuappaal is considered to be the first diaspora novel in Tamil. Experiences narrated by P. Singaram through the myth of how human searches are spread across two different lands, Tamil Nadu and South East Asia, lead to an endless world through reading. The absurdity of never-ending human existence makes everything subject to endless debate. Both novels, Kadalukkuappaaland PuyalileoruDhoni, by P. Singaram, have documented the lives of expatriate Tamils internationally. They are also micro-inquiries into the lives of Tamils in the Diaspora.

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