Pallava period Muthadevi sculpture in the Tamil University Museum

தமிழ்ப் பல்கலைக்கழக அருங்காட்சியகத்தில் பல்லவர் கால மூத்ததேவி சிற்பம்

Keywords: Tamil Nadu History, pallava kingdom, Moothadevi sculpture in Excavations, Moothadevi sculpture in Purana History, Pallavas Moothadevi, Moothadeva sculptures in Tamil Nadu, Moothadevi sculpture in Temples


Humans, who worshiped nature in ancient times, began to worship deities on the basis of images in historical times. Excavations at Harappa have uncovered a standing image of a mother goddess that is a testament to the existence of mother worship in the Indus Valley Civilization. An old woman with a female figure was found in the Adichanallur excavation in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. Similarly, the Sangam literature Manimegalai and Silappathikaram give us references to the worship of the goddess. It is noteworthy that sculptures of this deity have been found in the northern and southern parts of Tamil Nadu. However, the evidence we have found shows that there are numerous sculptures of the Goddess in the northern districts. However, the evidence we have found shows that there are numerous sculptures of the Goddess in the northern districts. Most of the places of worship where the statue of the Goddess is located are very ancient. Thus this article explores and explains the sculpture of Moothadevi (Jeshtadevi) in the Tamil University Museum

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