Adichanallur, Sivagalai, Korkai Excavations and Ancient History

ஆதிச்சநல்லூர், சிவகளை, கொற்கை அகழாய்வுகளும் தொன்மை வரலாறும்

Keywords: Adichanallur, Sivagalai, Korkai Excavations, Antiquities, Scientific Chronology, Society, History, Culture


In recent times in Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Nadu Government Archeology Department has carried out excavations at Adichanallur, Sivagalai and Korkai. These excavations have yielded abundant evidence of the ancient culture of Tamils. These evidences help a lot in knowing and creating human history. By subjecting this archaeological evidence to scientific analysis, its antiquity has been determined. Through this, the aim of this study is to study the ancient history, culture, lifestyle and civilization of Tamils. These studies explain the life, socio-economics, art, culture, literacy and trade of the 3200 years old Tamil society.

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