The Creation of the Literary Personality of Bharathidasan

பாரதிதாசன் என்ற இலக்கிய ஆளுமையின் உருவாக்கம்

Keywords: Tamil Poetry, Bharathidasan, Bharatiyar, Criticism, Tamil Identity, Anti-Vedic Sanatana, Revolutionary Poet, Tamil National Poet, Dravidian Movement


Poet Bharathidasan’s poems, who described himself as Tamil and Tamils, influenced deeply into Tamil society. Bharathidasan, who wrote poetry in favor of the Tamil national consciousness as Tamil, Tamils, Tamil race, was against Vedic Sanathana. He felt that all the religions of the world were against human development. He believed that economic emancipation was possible only through true social emancipation, freed from immediate problems and respecting man. Bharathidasan’s poetry, which records the vicissitudes and exaltations of daily life, has retained its place in Tamil history.

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