A Study on Positive Impacts of Internet Learning Among the College Students in Madurai District

  • S Govindarajan Sri Vijay Vidyalaya College of Arts & Science, Dharmapuri
Keywords: Globalisation, Competitive Circles, Advancement in Learning, Equality in Learning


In recent days the technology is playing as vital key factor for social, political and cultural changes. Internet is being the helpful tool for analysing the changes, and it also spreads those changes into the people. The people also started to adopt themselves with these changes because of globalisation and competitive circles. With the help of internet the speed of reaching the needed resources is in a very fast way and collecting from various roots and sources with the alternatives, options and equality. The habits of using internet or the introduction of internet learning in the education cycle of the students have created tremendous changes in the education world. It changes the learning style of the students, and it creates creative ideas and advancement in learning. Every students’ main aim of the study is gaining advantageous knowledge from their education. Here, the Internet Learning is giving the aspect to learn from various source of data and can help to frame the further step in life with the alternative options. At the time of learning itself the students can derive various properties of knowledge and can gain capacities. It helps the students to get broader knowledge with the new methodologies by the way of searching, identifying, processing, saving and storing and transferring the information. Every educational institution has started to realise the importance of Internet Learning for the education. Hence, the present study has been designed to highlight the positive impacts of Internet Learning among the college students in Madurai district. And the study based on both primary (observations) and secondary sources of data collections. 

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