The The Advantages and Challenges of Inclusive Education: Striving for Equity in the Classroom

Keywords: Inclusive Education, Social Constructivism, Humanistic Approach, UDL


Inclusive education is the process of integrating individuals with disabilities into a regular classroom, and it helps reflect the world’s commitment to equal educational opportunities as outlined in UNCRPD. It emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity and promoting acceptance among students who are impaired. This paper examines why it is important to include learners with impairments into mainstream classes and the favorable attitudes towards inclusive education among teachers, administrators and students. Many barriers hinder its implementation such as lack of professional development for teachers, insufficient facilities for learning, difficulty in creating relationships between classmates, inadequate parent participation, and absence of legislations and policies that are aligned towards its practice. The role of several educational theories like social constructivism, humanistic approach and universal design for learning (UDL) have been discussed to show their relevance in addressing challenges found in inclusive learning. Social Constructivism shows how collaborative work can be used inside the classrooms so that peer rejection will be lessened. The approach that is humanistic stresses about the comprehensive growth all individuals while addressing the needs of learners with disabilities. UDL focuses on promoting an accessible learning environment and eliminating physical barriers to foster successful growth for all students. Moreover, this article underlines relevance of awareness on how children with impairments can be incorporated into conventional classrooms and benefits which inclusive education has for both disabled and non disabled students. In conclusion, this paper emphasized the transformative nature of inclusive education in fostering a learning atmosphere that promotes diversity, empathy, and acceptance, contributing to students’ overall development.

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Jardinez, M. J., & Natividad, L. R. (2024). The The Advantages and Challenges of Inclusive Education: Striving for Equity in the Classroom. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 12(2), 57-65.