Higher Secondary Students’ Internet Usage for Academic Purpose

  • S Singaravelu Assistant Professor, St.Xavier College of Education, Kumbakonam
Keywords: Internet, Higher secondary student, Academic use of internet.


This study examines the higher secondary students’ internet usage for academic purpose. Internet can offer powerful new solutions for learning students. According to Cheung and Huang (2005) the need to access internet for academic purpose is important. Students are given meaningful and deep learning by use of internet. The investigator has taken 200 higher secondary students from 4 higher secondary schools situated in Kumbakonam taluk of Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu, India by using stratified random sampling technique. For collection of data the investigator has used internet usage for academic purpose scale constructed and validated by him and t-test has also used for analysis and interpretation data. The result of the study reveals that the higher secondary students’ internet usage for academic purpose is high. The use of internet can enable new ways of thinking, learning and students to become leader and trainers who can assist their peer in using the internet in academic purpose. Thus it enhances student content interaction.

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