Using Youtube in Colleges of Education

  • A Srinivasacharlu Assistant Professor of Education, New Horizon College of Education (Aided), Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Digitalization, You Tube, Colleges of Education, Teacher Educators and Teacher Trainees


Present generation learners are growing up with digitalization. Educators are increasingly understanding and adapting new methods of teaching laced with digitalization. YouTube, an important off shoot of digitalization, is leading the charge as the most multipurpose medium for content transactions in the classroom and outside the classroom. It not only provides digital entertainment but also provides a great environment for learning. YouTube has multiple  advantages for teacher educators and teacher trainees. Teacher educators and teacher trainees search YouTube for any information or clarification on a topic. Using YouTube in the classroom can bring efficiency in teaching and learning. Considering its endless services, there is no surprise that Youtube has been ranked the highest as a preferred learning tool. The teacher educators and teacher trainees can follow the prescribed procedures for creating and uploading effective videos on YouTube. Teacher educators can use YouTube in their class with all precautions and well planning.

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