Home Environment and Mental Health of Higher Secondary Students in Coimbatore District

  • D Mahalakshmi Research scholar, Research and Development Centre, Bharathiar University,Coimbatore
  • N Pugalenthy Associate Professor, Department of Biology, SRKV College of Education, Periyanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore
Keywords: mental health, higher secondary students, home environment


The impact of home environment on mental health was investigated on higher secondary school students sample consisting of 80 participants, 46 of whom were females and 34 were males. In this investigation an attempt has been made to study the relationship between the home environment of higher secondary students and their mental health. Descriptive survey research method was employed. The study was conducted in the Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu state. Eighty students were selected based on stratification such as gender, locality and type of family of schools were taken into consideration. The tool “Mental Health Inventory” which was developed and validated by Jadish and A.K. Srivas and the tool Home Environment Inventary standardised by Karuna Shankar Misra (1983) used to collect data. . The result of the present study clearly indicates the impact of home environment on the mental health of higher secondary school students.

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