Memory Hands with Mathematics

  • V Meenambikai Lecturer in Mathematics Education, NMSSVN College of Education, Nagamalai.Madurai


Mathematics is the discovery of relationships in symbolic form. Objectivity, abstractness and symbolism are the nature of mathematics. Memory is the mental capacity to encode, store and retrieve information. Individuals might be asked to produce a series of actions they have seen before with the help of recognition memory or they may be asked to list the words they have heard before by their recall memory. Even though Mathematics is the science of discovery, meaningful memory makes learning of Mathematics easy. New facts, new information, new language and new methodology are introduced. Mathematics contains a lot of puzzles. Puzzles make Mathematics learning interesting. Thinking and reasoning are necessary. Memory is more important. Developing memory is essential to learn Mathematics. Disciplined life and healthy food develops memory. Memory goes hand in hand with  Mathematics. This paper analyses how memory plays its role in the learning of Mathematics

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