Concept of Teaching

  • Isola Rajagopalan Principal (Retired), District Institute of Educational Training (DIET), Tirumangalam, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: defining planning of teaching, organisation of teaching, identification of suitable teaching, managing teaching, characteristics related activities


Edmund Amidon defined teaching as "an interactive process, primarily involving classroom talk which takes place between teacher and pupil and occurs during certain definable activities". Davis et al., Gagne et al. have contributed significantly in defining this concept and their views could be summarized as follows: Teaching is a scientific process, and its major components are content, communication and feedback. The teaching strategy has a positive effect on student learning. It is always possible to modify, improve and develop. The new teaching-learning activities, and hence the flexibility is in-built into the system; and "The terminal behaviour of the learner in terms of have pointed out that the entire structure of teaching has four steps such as Planning of teaching, Organization of teaching, Identification of suitable teaching and Managing teaching. The article deals with characteristics and related activities concerned with teaching.

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