Academic Perception of IX Standard Students in the Schools in Trichy in Relation to Their School Anxiety

  • L Jenitta Assistant Professor, JJ College of Education, Trichy
  • B Saminathan Assistant Professor, Department of Education, CDE, Bharathidasan University, Trichy


The present era is an age of Anxiety. Anxiety has been observed to manifest itself in different spheres. Every living being on the earth tries to satisfy the needs of one’s life. Very often an individual failing in one’s life feels frustrated and disappointed. Gradually these feelings become intense and take the form of worry that is anxiety. Highly anxious students even if they are brilliant may do poory in their achievement due to fear. Anxiety is a painful uneasiness of mind concerning impending or anticipated ill. Hence anxiety is a response to a hidden and subjective peril. But fear is a response to an obvious and objective danger. Arthur T. Jersilid et. al.,(1978) correctly said Fear exists so generally in contemporary life that our time has been called the “Age of Anxiety”(P.318) . Due to high competition, the students tend to be anxious. Anxiety is a highly unpleasant and painful state of tension which the individual wants to get rid off. In these lines the investigators wanted to identify whether there is any relationship between the Academic Perception of the students and their school Anxiety. For this purpose they took up a survey study. Students studying in Secondary classes in Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools were considered the population of this study. Descriptive Survey method was adopted and 333 students of standard nine are considered as sample of this study by simple random technique. Standardised Tools were used for this study. Arithmetic mean, Standard deviation, ‘t’ test, and Pearson’s Product Moment  Correlation were used in statistical analysis. The major findings were the majority of the students have neutral academic perception, only (31.83%) have positive academic perception.  Likewise, majority of the students have moderate school anxiety, only (16.52%)have low school anxiety. But there is no significant relationship between Academic Perception and their School Anxiety.

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