Views of High School Students on The Effectiveness of “English” Course by Means of a Distance Education

  • Adem Bayar Associate Professor, Amasya University, Turkey
  • Hürriyet Alkan Karaduman Turkey
Keywords: English, Distance education, EIN, Web2 tools, Skills in learning English


The purpose of this study is to provide an insight into the views of students related to the effectiveness of the “English” course using distance education. This qualitative study has been carried out by phenomenological research design. The sample group of this study consists of 10 students studying at formal high schools. They were determined using criterion sampling technique. Data was collected by a semi-structured interview method. The data collected was analysed by a descriptive analysis technique. Students have expressed that, according to them, distance education means education using technology, education resulting from the pandemic and inefficient, insufficient education and waste of time for students.

Furthermore, students have expressed that they think web2 tools are useful, EIN is insufficient technical installation and resources, and the English course is more fun and attention-grabbing via web2 tools in learning English. Students have listed the following recommendations for obtaining necessary skills in the English language during the distance education period: Writing and translation homework should be assigned to students and students should be provided with more writing exercises for writing skills, students should be provided with more reading comprehension texts and exercises for reading skill, technological obstacles should be removed for speaking skill, teachers should ask random questions to random students so that students get a chance to speak to obtain the speaking skill and more listening exercises should be presented to the students. Lastly, the students have made suggestions like Web2 tools should be used, a number of videos, visual materials and resources should be increased, internet infrastructure should be improved, teachers should give the floor to the students more frequently, E-twinning projects should be run, students should focus on the course, the number of English courses should be increased, students should be motivated by their teachers to increase the effectiveness of English course in the distance education period. In line with the findings, the researchers have concluded that learning English during distance education may become more effective via web2 tools and connection problems should be removed. Therefore, suggestions that have been made by high school students should be taken into consideration and put into practice during the distance education period.

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Bayar, A., & Alkan Karaduman, H. (2021). Views of High School Students on The Effectiveness of “English” Course by Means of a Distance Education. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 9(4), 359-373.