Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Corporate Reputation

Keywords: Corporate reputation, Pre-service teachers


This study examines various variables that affect pre-service teachers’ perceptions of corporate reputation and corporate reputation. In the research, a descriptive survey model was applied. 680 students studying in various departments and classes of Atatürk University Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education in the 2011-2012 academic year participated in the study. The research data were collected using the Corporate Reputation Scale developed by Fombrun, Gardberg and Sever (2000) and adapted to Turkish by Altıntaş (2005). In the analysis of the data, frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t-test, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey test were used. According to the findings obtained from the study, it was observed that the perceptions of the corporate reputation of the pre-service teachers did not differ according to the variables of gender, academic success, age, economic status, department selection decision, and significantly differentiated according to the variables of relationship with teaching staff. Based on the research results, suggestions were made to practitioners and researchers.

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Akdemir, Öznur A., & Ayık, A. (2021). Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Corporate Reputation. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 9(4), 114-127.