Trends of Teacher Professional Development Strategies: A Systematic Review

Keywords: Professional Development, Professional Development Strategy, Learning Outcome, Systematic Review, Teaching and Teacher Education


Professional development is important for all teachers to improve the quality of teaching. This study is aimed to investigate the trends of professional development strategy and learning outcome in 2015-2019. A systematic review was used in analyzing 267 articles published between 2015 and 2019 in the Teaching and Teacher Education. The findings showed that the trend of professional development strategy is more collaborative and using collegial learning environment, and the trend of learning outcomes which developed through PD programs is more focused on the ability to teach, ability to manage the classroom, and ability to understand the subject field. These findings suggest future studies to develop professional development programs with collaborative and collegial learning environments to develop learning outcomes on practicing new instructional strategies.

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El Islami, R. A. Z., Anantanukulwong, R., & Faikhamta, C. (2022). Trends of Teacher Professional Development Strategies: A Systematic Review. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 10(2), 1-8.