Promoting Self-Regulated Learning Skills of Pre-Service Chemistry Teachers: Motivation Component

Keywords: Self-Regulated Learning, Motivation, Motivational Beliefs, Motivational Regulation Strategies


This study tackles self-regulated learning from the motivation component, considering that not only the ‘skills’ but also the ‘will’ dimensions are essential for the development of self-regulated learning. The aim of the study is to promote pre-service chemistry teachers’ motivation and to enhance their knowledge of motivational regulation strategies. The study was conducted in organic chemistry courses with 18 pre-service chemistry teachers. A semi-structured interview, a semi-structured diary, and an open-ended scale were employed as data collection tools to identify motivational components and motivational regulation strategies used by the pre-service teachers. The qualitative data collected were analyzed using descriptive and content analysis techniques. Results showed that the pre-service chemistry teachers had positive motivational beliefs and were more persistent about academic activities. Moreover, improvements occurred in pre-service teachers’ motivational regulation strategies. It was further found that the positive change in the pre-service chemistry teachers’ motivations diversified their learning strategies and that they began to use these strategies more frequently.

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Işık, B., & Atasoy, B. (2023). Promoting Self-Regulated Learning Skills of Pre-Service Chemistry Teachers: Motivation Component. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 11(S1-Jan), 26-40.